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Mango mousse with coconut

According to the weather forecasts, last summer days are in front of us. So so sad, because I feel like this summer hasn't even started yet. It was ra[...]

Zoodles in "bolognese" sauce

A real "comfort food" and a very similar taste to plain pasta. Believe me when I say so because I'm someone who is really obsessed with pasta :D Th[...]

Sweet bread

French call them courgettes, Americans zucchini, Italians zucchina,... You all know what I'm talking about, right? I love it how this summer zucchi[...]

Batzina - greek zucchini pie

This last week I feel this huge need for cooking. :D This is very unlike me, because Primož is usually the one cooking at our house. He is probably pl[...]


These fluffy biscuits were a true joy on a Sunday early afternoon. Especially for Primož, who came from an early morning cycling tour with his friends[...]

Vegan cheesecake

When I've realized that I can't handle dairy I said to myself: "O noooo, no more cheesecakes"! :( Then similar cries followed about panacottas, ice cr[...]

Vegan beef Wellington

Probably all of you already know what Beef Wellington is. For those who don't, this is basically baked beef filet wrapped with puff pastry.  Orig[...]